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Getting Started

Signing up, updating your account, resetting your password – everything you need to know to join Ourblex in your community and beyond.

Using Ourblex

Learn how to take full advantage of Ourblex from searching to reporting inappropriate photos.


Users and business owners learn what is a business account and how to claim their business as Black-owned.

Business Account Information

Users and business owners learn how to update key business information, add a new business, change business name, and much more.

Updating your Business Page

Utilize business page features beyond the general contact info – add photos, changing business hours, adding another location, etc.

Need to respond to a review of your business? Marketing Materials to market Ourblex page.

Ourblex Ads

Utilize our advertising system to increase page visits and create more customer connections.

Measuring Activity & Performance

Learn about the different metrics in your business owner’s account and how you can use that information to help determine the success of your business listing.

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